Different Home Heating Solutions – Gas boiler

When it comes to home heating, there are many options to consider. A home heating solution in necessary for every home, but there are so many viable options to choose from. Which do you choose?

Immersion Heating.

We’ll start with immersion heating. Mainly because most Irish homes were built with this heating system and unless the homeowner has invested in a newer, more modern heating solution, then this is probably the heating system you have installed.

Immersion heating works through a series of heating parts working together in unison. The water is heated in the hot water tank through the Immersion Heater elements. These elements can take time to heat the entire tank, which is why the immersion must be turned on a significant amount of time before you want to use the hot water.

Storage Heater.

Storage heaters are a lesser known heating system. They are usually implemented in offices and workplaces because of how they work.

Storage heaters are powered by electricity, they turn on during the day when the cost of electricity is lower. This means they are the most cost effective between the hours 9am – 5pm. This naturally leads them to be used for offices and workplaces.

gas boiler

Gas boiler.

Gas boilers are a well-known and modern form of home heating. These operate using gas the heat the radiator and appliances in your home.

They are a costly home improvement but the benefits of installing and fitting a gas boiler into your home are incredible. The modern energy efficiency of a modern gas boiler means that you will pay less in the long run. The cost of running an older, more cumbersome heating solution such as immersion heaters will vastly outweigh the cost of a gas boiler over time.

That is why we recommend our customers install a modern, high efficiency gas boiler as soon as possible, so they can reap the benefits of a quality gas boiler.

What are some replacement boiler prices?

Replacement Boiler Prices

Everyone knows that there are benefits to replacing your old heating system with a new high efficiency boiler. However, did you know that even brand new non-condensing heating systems only work at 70% efficiency? For context, a brand new modern High Efficiency gas condensing boiler have an efficiency of 98%.

So what does that mean?

replacement gas boiler

A gas boiler’s efficiency rating directly translates into savings. If you replace a system that has a 50% efficiency with a modern high efficiency unit that has a 98% efficiency, That means your boiler is using 48% less fuel to heat your home, meaning you’ve slashed your gas bill in half!
Considering that gas boiler prices have been rising and will continue to rise year after year, the earlier you replace your old unit the better. In less than 3 years your replacement gas boiler will pay for itself.

Replacement boiler prices can be quite expensive, however when you’re talking about an essential home upgrade, you want to pay for the best. That’s why we only supply high efficiency gas boilers from quality manufactures such as Viessmann, Vokera, Worcester and Ideal.

Why replace my gas boiler now?

Most people would naturally assume that you should replace your unit in the winter when it’s dark and cold. In reality, you want to have your gas boiler replaced before the winter, so you are prepared for those cold winter months.
Replacement boiler prices are actually lower during the summer as the winter is the time that customers realise that they need an upgrade, as their heating bills skyrocket in cost.

Get a Gas Boiler Upgrade Today!

Is it time for a Gas Boiler Upgrade?

Gas boilers lose efficiency with every year they are being used. This means it takes more power to heat the boiler, which in turn increases your energy costs, losing you money in the process. A gas boiler upgrade could save you up to 25% on your home heating bill.

Installing a gas boiler is not an easy process. We do not recommend that clients install their own gas boiler upgrade, it should only be performed by a licensed & qualified tradesman. We have a team of excellent tradesmen here at perform a full quality inspection on your gas boiler upgrade to ensure its long lasting efficiency & performance. From there we also include a full installation alongside your gas boiler upgrade, as we do not allow customers to install a gas boiler upgrade themselves.

Gas boiler upgrade

How does my gas boiler get fitted?

Here at we have a simple and easy process. After you get into contact with us over the phone or by email, we put you in touch with our operations manager. Our operations manager will go through every detail of your gas boiler upgrade. Any possible issues or query’s you may have will be answered. From there, if you wish to purchase a gas boiler, we will receive the parts from one of our selected, well-known, quality manufactures. (such as, Viessmann, Vokera, Worcester, Ideal.)

When we receive the gas boiler, we do a full quality check here in our dublin-based factory here in kylemore, park north. After an inspection has been carried out, we will arrive at a time that is convenient for you and install your new gas boiler.

New Gas boiler Fittings and Installations

New gas boiler

Most boilers have years of use racked up and have lost most of their efficiency. When a gas boiler is less efficient it means it takes more power to heat your home. This means your current heating system is losing you money the longer you leave it to upgrade. A new gas boiler could save you up to 25% on your home heating bill.

New gas boiler

Installing a new gas boiler is not an easy process. We don’t recommend that clients install their own new gas boiler units. New units should only be installed by licensed & qualified professionals, like the team of excellent tradesmen we have here at

The price of our products can vary depending on what unit you want to get. Different companies manufacture different gas boilers, We will try and recommend the best for your situation. We recommend a select few companies that we believe offer the best performance, for a good price. We have a range of products that will suit many price points, however a central heating system is a significant part of any home, and that means you need the best.

Which gas boiler should I choose?

A Viessmann Combi Boiler is an energy-efficient system and hot water heating unit in one product. All combi boilers are rated A for efficiency. A combi boiler is also a very small unit, which is useful for those who live in small homes or apartments. These units also work at the flick of a switch, no waiting around for hot water.

A vokera boiler is also rated at a high energy efficiency and has a comprehensive warranty, which helps with maintenance costs.

How much for a Gas boiler fitting?

Gas boiler fitting

Fitting a brand-new gas boiler is a difficult procedure. This is not recommended for anyone who isn’t a licenced & qualified tradesman. It is a complex task that has many points of failure, we do not recommend purchasing and fitting a central heating system yourself.

gas boiler fitting

That’s why we provide a gas boiler fitting service with every sale. We ensure that with every gas boiler we sell, we will provide fitting services. This is because we want to ensure your boiler is installed correctly and safely. We strongly recommend that you do not allow anyone who is not properly trained and certified to perform any tasks on your gas boiler.

Having your gas boiler fitted by a licenced professional is the best practice when it comes to gas boilers, or any home heating solutions.

How long does a gas boiler fitting take?

A gas boiler fitting can usually be completed in one day. However, we allow two days for the job.
We send one of our qualified technicians out to your home to survey the situation. They will usually take measurements of everything and ensure that the new unit can be fitted into the space.

A brand new gas boiler is great for your central heating system, however if your radiators are in poor quality or have gotten old over the years maybe they need an upgrade. Replacing and refitting radiators is a costly and disruptive operation. Instead, why don’t you consider purchasing some radiator covers. These are quality wooden covers that can come in a variety of styles and colours to really improve the look of your home.

After the initial meeting, our technician will return to the factory based in kylemore, park north. From there, we will have the unit inspected for quality and to ensure its energy rating. Once we are sure everything is ready to go, we will send out our technician to begin fitting the unit.

I need a gas boiler repair.

Gas boiler repair

Our team has years experience in servicing and repairing gas boilers. Units have to be serviced every 3-5 years so our experts with years in the industry have serviced many systems in their time. They have also repaired hundreds of heating systems over the years. Boilers aren’t perfect, and people tend to ignore this essential part of their home. That means we get a lot of work repairing gas boilers.

gas boiler repair

Gas boiler repair is a difficult job for any tradesman. It is a complex procedure that can cause a complete failure if performed incorrectly. That is why we need to have the best guys for the job. Our tradesmen are qualified & licenced professionals.
Our installers work with premium models day in, day out. That means we can install your brand-new unit, or repair your current one in a day. This is a level of expertise you won’t find anywhere else.

The prices of our gas boiler repair service can vary depending on what brand you have, and what repair needs to be performed. Parts of your unit being replaced is the most costly issue when it comes to gas boiler repair. We recommend a select few companies that we believe offer the best performance, for a good price. We have a range of products that will suit many price points, however a gas boiler is a significant part of any home, and that means you need the best.

Where do you get your gas boilers?

The gas boilers we have chosen to provide have been selected from a few high quality name brand companies who have been making central heating systems for years. Companies like Viessmann and Vokera have a history of quality products that have been fully tested through their strict and rigid quality control process. The companies that we have chosen consistently get A ratings in efficiency, Which means you save money.

Viessmann Boilers, Are they good?

Our range of gas condensing Viessmann Boilers

Efficient gas heating – with condensing technology

Viessmann boilers condensing technology utilises heat generated by a combustion. This heat is produced as a hot gas that can be measured (net calorific value), but also produced as water vapour content (gross calorific value).

Viessmann Boiler

Condensing Viessmann boilers are able to extract all of the heat contained in these gasses and convert it to heating energy. Viessmann boilers use high performance heat exchangers. These cool the gases before they escape through the chimney, the water vapour in these gases is deliberately condensed. This releases additional heat which is transferred into your Viessmann boiler heating system.

With this technology, a gas condensing Viessmann boiler achieves a seasonal efficiency of up to 98%. Viessmann boilers are therefore particularly energy efficient, looking after both your wallet and the environment.

Viessmann one of the leading manufacturers of reliable, efficient and affordable heating & solar products. Viessmann offer premium heating options for every budget.

Cost of Replacing Gas Boiler

What is the cost of replacing gas boiler?

Replacing your gas boiler is a relatively low cost method of increasing the comfort of your home. We offer a variety of high quality gas boilers for you to choose from. Our heating & plumbing experts will work with you to ensure you make the best choice of gas boiler for your home whilst ensuring you receive the best value.

Heating accounts for about 60 per cent of what you spend in a year on energy bills, so an efficient boiler makes a big difference.

The cost of replacing gas boiler is significantly cheaper once you consider the savings on your gas bill because of the efficiency of the new gas boiler.

Modern boilers are more efficient for several reasons, but their main advantage is that they are all condensing boilers. All well-maintained boilers burn their fuel very efficiently, but they inevitably lose some heat in the hot gases that escape up the flue. A condensing boiler has a larger heat exchanger, so it recovers more heat, sends cooler gases up the flue and is more efficient.

Sometimes the flue gases get so cool that the water vapour in the gas condenses out (hence the name), and even more energy is recovered from the condensing vapour.