All gas boilers have an average lifespan of 15 to 20 years. When it comes to deciding whether you need to replace a gas boiler or change parts it may be cheaper to replace it, especially when it reached its lifespan. When changing parts, it may be more expensive to do due to the fact that they are old and the manufacturer does not produce as many of them for the old boilers anymore.

Gas boiler lifespan is the first reason for replacing it. You may also notice that your bills are increasing. This suggests a drop in efficiency which will be quite common for old boilers to be dropped to 70% as opposed to the new boilers with 90% efficiency. You may experience more obvious signs of a malfunctioning boiler where you may hear noises, notice leakage, pressure drops, pilot lights going off or heating issues.


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Gas Boiler Replacement Dublin

To get your gas boiler assessed for replacement, get in touch with us and a Registered Gas Installer will be able to walk you through the process of installing a new gas boiler. It is advisable to address the issues before the boiler breaks down.

Winter months are busier for assessing and installing boilers and it will be easier to replace it in summer especially when you’re not relying on hot water and heat as much during these months.

Your RGI may recommend you to power flush the system. This will get rid of any build up of lime, sludge and other deposits in the system that reduce the efficiency of the boiler. Manufacturer’s efficiency guarantee cannot be met if the obstacles in the system may prevent the boiler to generate heat effectively at a lower cost.

Power flushing the system while replacing a boiler is not only effective in the long run but will also cost you less rather than purchasing the service at a later stage. It may take up to a day to power flush the system.

Gas Boiler Prices Dublin

The prices of a gas boiler will depend on the size and brand. To choose the correct size of the boiler you should consult your RGI. They will be able to asses it based on the size of your house and water demands.

The current size of your gas boiler may no longer be sufficient due to the change in family size, water demands or added bathrooms. You should also plan for the future and if you’re planning to expand the size of your family, you will need a bigger gas boiler to accommodate that change.

Buying add ons for your gas boiler will mean that you will have more control over the heat and your bills. There are a few main add ons you can look at. A time clock will allow you to set the time for the boiler to switch on and off. A room thermostat will switch your gas boiler off once the required temperature in the room is reached. A programmable thermostat gives you more flexibility with heat controls setting different temperatures for different times of the day, adjust temperature of the house based on the outdoor temperature and use a mobile app to control it.

On average you should predict the cost of €1700 - €3000 to replace a gas boiler. The price should include installation of the boiler as well as the price of the unit.

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