A gas boiler runs relatively quietly. You can hear it switch on but you shouldn’t hear highly distracting and consistent noises. A gas boiler has many compounds in its structure and most of the time a problem can be minor and easy to fix. But firstly, lets dive into identifying different types of noises and their causes.

Gas Boiler Banging Noise

If you hear a banging noise made by your gas boiler it could possibly be kettling. What happens is that your pipes build up debris, such as limescale, which results in limiting the flow of water creating a banging noise. If this is the case and you know that your residing area is prone to excessive limescale in the water, then you should consider removing the build up of limescale and debris from your system.

This process can involve pumping water and adding cleaning chemicals to your system. This action should be performed by a service engineer due to the fact that it may not be the only issue that is causing the banging noise. In order to prevent it from happening in the future you may consider installing a magnetic filter which will control the build up of limescale in your pipes. You should always consult with a registered gas installer beforehand.

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Gas Boiler Doesn’t Fire Up

When a gas boiler doesn’t fire up it means that there has been a unusual signal detected by a gas boiler causing it to lockout. However before you start panicking there are a few things to troubleshoot.

First, check the main gas switch and do the same thing with your electricity switch board. It could have been the case that the boiler was switched off manually or automatically in the case of electricity being knocked off.

The second thing that you can do is to restart your gas boiler. You can either consult your user manual or find the switch on your boiler on your own. You should be aware that you will need to reset your on and off times on the timeclock after the reset.

If that doesn’t help and your boiler keeps failing to fire up, due to a variety of reasons, you should ring your registered gas installer to get it assessed.

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Gas Boiler Clicking Noise

Whether it’s your gas boiler or your heating system that makes a clicking noise it could be a source of a worn bearing in the motor of a gas boiler and if left unattended, the motor will burn itself out. If there is no pattern to the clicking you may be having issues with a gas valve.

When it comes to the heating system, the clicking noise that you’re hearing in your pipes, can be due to their expanding and contracting caused by pressure. However, there can be other issues caused by a clicking noise. If it’s an older model of a boiler the best solution is to replace it.

You should always watch for signs like water leakages, pilot lights and your bills. An increase in your bills can directly indicate that your boiler needs attention of a service engineer. You should always trust an experienced and trusted registered gas installer to fix any gas boiler noises.

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